Work Placement

Work Placement

Work Experience: Participants will complete a 10 week community based placement with local employers to gain work experience and showcase the skills they have attained through their participation in the program. Length of placement is based on participants’ progress and abilities shown while in the program as well as employer placement availability. Participants will be matched to work placements based on interests, existing skill sets and the opportunity for permanent employment. Depending on placement availability, the participant could attend program workshops and placement within the same time frame providing there would be no scheduling conflicts.

For Participants

• Evaluation and fine-tuning of job specific skills imparted during the Work Placement.
• Close monitoring of participants to ensure successful integration into the workplace.
• Work Placement Evaluation
• Post Placement Follow up
• Post employment support

For Employers

• Support and consultation for the employer
• Consultation with employer sponsor
• Post employment support

For all inquiries please contact our Job Developer, Shannon Laffin at