Marketable & Essential Skills

Marketable Skills


Have you ever considered a career in food and hospitality? For one month, you can learn about the food services industry, including food preparation and cooking, safety and proper handling techniques, kitchen and cafeteria maintenance, and catering operations, through training in Hygiene, Safety and Clean-up, Food Preparation, Inventory Controls/Supply Lists, Customer Service, Cash Register Training, Cash Reconciliation and Food Handlers Course. The Employment Development Program operates and maintains a regulated and inspected food service facility where participants prepare for entry-level employment in the food-service industry.

Topics covered include:
  • Introduction to the food service industry
  • Personal hygience and appearance
  • Dealing with the public
  • The sanitation code
  • Food preparation
  • Cash register procedures
  • Nutrition
  • Kitchen safety
  • Food Handler’s Course
  • Customer service